Frame Construction in Washington DC

Before any construction project starts to come together, the building’s frame must be constructed. The frame acts like a skeleton—it is the outline that the construction crew can then add onto, eventually creating your future home or office.

Whether you’re a construction company looking for an experienced framing company, or you’re an individual searching for a trusted company to handle this essential step of your construction project, Tribest Construction LLC is the best choice in Washington DC.

Framing Materials

We work with wood, steel and aluminum when creating frames for Washington DC buildings. Depending on the type of building, we will choose one material over the other, as each one has different strengths.

Steel Frames

Steel is a popular choice thanks to its strength and flexibility. For earthquake-prone areas, steel is a good option because it will bend instead of snap when pressure is applied.

Wood Frames

Wood is a better insulator than metal, so if you’re looking to reduce your energy bills wherever possible, it is a material worth considering as well.

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum offers both durability and stability, thanks to its ability to put up with significant weight while remaining structurally sound.

Framing for Commercial Buildings

A sturdy building begins with a sturdy frame, and for unparalleled quality you can count on us. We have a proud history of building superior caliber frames for commercial buildings across town, and would be happy to discuss the details of your upcoming project with you.

Our goal is to contribute to making Washington DC’s buildings as sturdy as possible, which we do by only using high quality products. After years of experience in the framing business, we are skilled in creating durable frames that lead to better, stronger buildings.

Framing for Residential Homes

Framing is one of the most important steps in a residential construction project, and for that reason it must be handled by an experienced company. The right frame is one that is true to the design of the home. When looking for the right company to take on your project it’s essential to look for one that has a proven record of success.

Tribest Construction LLC has years of experience creating frames for residential floor plans of all scopes and complexities. Our team is able to translate blueprints of all kinds into well-made frames that become the foundation for a new family home.

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When it comes to framing, efficiency and reliability are two essential qualities for a company to have. A project can’t move forward until the frame is finished, after all! Don’t hire a company that will waste your time. Stick with the company that’s trusted by individuals all over town, and call Tribest Construction LLC today.

Get your construction project started on the right foot, with a durable, high quality frame from our expert team. Give us a call today to learn more about our services, and to receive a free quote for any work you require.